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Online Auction for Wounded Special Forces Soldiers

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On September 23rd, 2017, the Green Beret Foundation will hold a 3-gun match benefiting wounded Special Forces warriors and Gold Star families.  The Warrior/Patriot 3-Gun Match pairs a patriot who has donated at least $500 with a Special Forces soldier (aka, “Green Beret”) for six stages including pistol, carbine, precision rifle, shotgun, and submachine gun disciplines.  Two of the rifles …

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Bravo Company Enhanced Lower Parts Kit & Pistol Build

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How Much and Where to Buy: $99.95 from Rainier Arms Summary: + Complete lower parts kit + Dimensions, materials, and manufacturing conform to original USGI TDP + No MIM parts + Includes PNT Trigger Assembly, Mod 3 Gunfighter pistol grip, polymer trigger guard – Price is almost double budget LPKs – Not available in OD as BCM does not make any …