I really appreciate all of you who subscribe to my channels and email lists, watch my videos, read my posts, and make the effort I put into producing content worth it.  Many ask what else they might to do support the channel, and for anyone who makes your purchases online, it’s super easy.  Just use the links below anytime you start your shopping at these trusted online retailers, and that’s it.  That lets them know you see their brands on the site, and then they contribute to the costs of running the channel and the site.  You pay exactly the same you’d pay otherwise and can still use any discount codes you might have, so there is zero cost to you but a huge help to me.  Thank you for wanting to help!


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Brownells is everyone’s favorite place to find gunsmithing tools and hard-to-find parts. Click the banner below to start shopping at Brownell’s.


Whether you’re shopping in the Bargain Cave or anywhere else on the site, click the banner below to start shopping at Cabela’s.


Primary Arms makes some of the best low-cost optics on the market, and when using this link, you can usually get free shipping plus a free or discounted mount with your purchase. Click the link to start shopping at Primary Arms.


Palmetto State Armory runs excellent deals every day on ammo, optics, receivers and even complete firearms. Click the banner below to start shopping at Palmetto State Armory.


Rainier Arms is one of the most trusted online retailers of high-end firearms, accessories, and parts.  If they carry it, it’s good to go. Click the banner below to start shopping at Rainier Arms.


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AirGun Depot is a huge supporter of the channel and has some of the best prices on airguns and accessories anywhere. Click the banner below to start shopping at AirGun Depot.


GunMag Warehouse specializes in the obvious, allowing them to buy in bulk for better prices.  Their shipping and handling fees are also typically well below most other online retailers, making them a great source of common magazines for your rifles and pistols.  Click the banner below to start shopping at GunMag Warehouse.


Faxon Firearms might be most well-known for their ARAK-21 rifle and upper receiver.  However, they are an OEM manufacturer of barrels for many of the top brand names in the AR15 world.  You can buy the same quality straight from the factory that makes them when you shop at Faxon Firearms.  Click the banner below to start shopping at Faxon Firearms.