Lever Gun with a Silencer! Henry Threaded Frontier

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How Much and Where to Buy:
The Henry Threaded Frontier has an MSRP of $527, but street price is much lower than that.  It’s very tough to find in stock, but here are a few places that carry it:
Academy Sports–>  Henry Rimfire Rifles
Brownells–>  Henry Rimfire Rifles
Cabela’s–>  Henry Rifles

+ Factory-threaded barrel costs much less than aftermarket threading
+ Glass smooth action right out of the box
+ Bright front bead with long sight radius
+ Quickly adjusts from collapsed to fully extended
+ Very accurate
+ Made in the USA
–  24″ long barrel might be cumbersome for smaller shooters or in tight spaces
–  Magazine is shortened as required to allow removal with silencer attached
– Not as durable as a stock

A lever action rifle can be seen in Hiram Maxim’s first patent for a silencer, granted March 30th, 1909.

The Threaded Frontier is Henry Rifle’s answer to the common customer request for a factory-threaded rifle.  The design is centered around reloading without having to remove the silencer, an issue presented by most aftermarket threading jobs.  The result is a 24″ barrel combined with a shortened magazine that holds 10 rounds of 22LR or 16 rounds of 22-short.

The blued octagonal barrel is threaded 1/2×28, the most common thread pitch for rimfire silencers.  The knurled thread protector looks nice when in place while being very easy to remove.

CCI Standard Velocity ammunition is subsonic out of the 24″ barrel.

Atop the barrel are an adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight and a very bright brass bead front sight.  The receiver also has an integrated scope dovetail for shooters who prefer a magnified optic.  However, the extra sight radius of the Threaded Frontier makes a scope much less necessary for taking precision shots even with my 48-year old eyes.

Though the black painted receiver isn’t the nicest you’ll find on a Henry rifle, the Threaded Frontier’s fit and finish is still head and shoulders above most of the competition.  Hand someone a Henry rifle, and they will always comment on the smooth feel of the action as they compulsively cycle it.  On the outside, the forend and straight pull stock are made from the same beautiful American walnut used across the entire Henry line.

The Henry Threaded Frontier looks unwieldy, but its balance is much better than expected.

The profile gives the impression that the Threaded Frontier would be unwieldy, but at 7 pounds, it’s only half a pound heavier than the 16.5″ Octagon Frontier upon which its based.  The balance point is comfortably at the rear of the forend, and the extra barrel length creates a very long sight radius that allows for very precise shooting using the factory iron sights.

You can’t ignore the length when carrying the rifle regardless, and that’s certainly exacerbated with the addition of a silencer to the muzzle.  However, once pointed downrange, the extra length and weight seem to disappear.  Youth shooters large enough to work an Octagon Frontier will have no problems shooting this rifle.

For more information about the Henry Rifles 24″ Threaded Frontier:  Henry USA