Most Accurate Crossbow at 100 Yards? Mission SUB-1

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How Much and Where to Buy:
Black Bow Only–>  $1,449 on Amazon shipped free
Ridge Reaper Forest Camo Bow Only–> $1,449 on Amazon shipped free
Black Bow with Pro-Kit (highly recommended)–> $1,599 on Amazon shipped free

+ Sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards
+ Nearly all aluminum and steel with very few plastic components
+ Stock is adjustable for comb heigh and length of pull
+ 80% letoff allows you to decock the bow using the rope cocker
+ Very low recoil, vibration and noise at the shot
–  350fps rated speed with 400gr arrow is on the slow side for newer crossbows
–  Expensive

SUB-1 Crossbow

The SUB-1 is nearly all aluminum with few plastic components.

Mission Crossbows is the crossbow brand of Mathews, a manufacturer of high end vertical bows known for their smooth draw and accuracy.  It’s no surprise that in creating a crossbow brand, Mathews decided to focus on product quality as well as user experience.

The SUB-1 is Mission Crossbows’ newest design, named after its claimed performance of sub-minute of angle groups at 100 yards.  That accuracy isn’t the only feature that makes the SUB-1 an elite crossbow.  In fact, there are several bows capable of the same performance under the same conditions.  I see that as the accuracy I expect from a bow in this price category, especially from a company owned by Mathews…

A bubble level is integrated into the step-through riser.

…but that is not what makes the SUB-1 stand out from other bows on the market.  Instead, I think it’s what a shooter feels in his or her hands that puts the SUB-1 among the elite.

Mission Crossbows gave the SUB-1 a set of Sync X cams based on Mathews’ “no cam” system.  With two circular and concentric string tracks, the Sync X cams ensure the arrow nock stays centered both horizontally and vertically throughout release.  This contributes both to the SUB-1’s accuracy but also to its remarkable lack of vibration and noise.  In fact, the SUB-1 release is so free from drama that it is as quiet as the quietest crossbows without the use of string dampeners.

The machined aluminum arrow retention arm ensures consistent arrow pressure.

Peak draw weight of the short and fat quad limbs is 200 pounds, but the SUB-1 simply does not feel like most other 200lb bows feel at the draw.  The draw is very gentle, making the SUB-1 the easiest crossbow to cock that will shoot a 400gr arrow at 350fps that I’ve ever experienced.

This smooth draw and 80% letoff enable the shooter to decock the SUB-1 with the rope cocker as easily as cocking.  Simply push a button on the side of the latch hood, place the cocking rope on the bow and serving, pull the serving into the back of the latch, and then lower the string.  With this feature, a hunter can decock a bow in a treestand without resorting to using a discharge arrow or lowering a cocked crossbow (arrow removed) down the side of the tree to the ground.

All of these features in one bow make the SUB-1 pretty exceptional, but Mission Crossbows managed to fit that into a bow that is only 30.5″ long and only 10.5″ wide axle-to-axle when cocked.  That’s what truly makes the SUB-1 an elite crossbow in my view.

Picatinny rail sits under the riser for accessories like a bipod.

The SUB-1 is available in black or Ridge Reaper Forest Camo at no additional cost.  You can get the bare bow or add the Pro-Kit for only an additional $200 MSRP (about $150 more street price).  The Pro-Kit includes a Hawke XB-1 illuminated crossbow scope, padded case, three-arrow quiver, three arrows, and rail lube.  I highly recommend getting the kit because all of the components are top notch, and the price for them all is a great deal.  All bows come with a rope cocker, but a ratchet cocker is also available.

For more information, visit Mission Crossbows at: Mission Crossbows SUB-1