Smallest & Lightest 22LR Factory SBR! CMMG Banshee & DefCan 22

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How Much and Where to Buy:
Banshee centerfire variants MSRP for $1450 and the 22 variants MSRP for $1150.  The DefCan DT-22 retails for $325.
Banshee SBRs and DefCans–>  SilencerShop
Banshee Pistols and Receivers–> CMMG

+ Smallest and lightest factory 22LR SBR
+ Optimized for suppression
+ Runs wide variety of 22LR ammunition
+ Standard lower receiver can be used with any standard AR15 upper
+ DefCan has a great sound on the Banshee 22
–  DefCan does not come apart easily when dirty
–  Banshee 22 is expensive for a rimfire

The CMMG Banshee 22 is the smallest and lightest 22LR PDW on the market.

CMMG’s recently introduced Guard series of pistol caliber carbines quickly gain a reputation for being excellent silencer hosts.  Their radial delayed blowback system holds the action closed longer than straight blowback actions, ensuring more of the expanding gasses exit through the silencer and less exit through the ejection port.

SilencerShop took notice and decided to partner with CMMG to offer a line of Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) optimized for suppression in as small a package as is practical.  Enter the new Banshee line of factory SBRs and pistols from CMMG.  Available in 5″ 9mm and 45ACP variants based on the Guard, as well as an 8″ 300BLK direct impingement PDW and the 4.5″ 22LR version featured in this review.

The RipStock is an all-metal fast deploy buttstock.

The Banshee 22 starts with standard AR15 upper and lower receivers and adds CMMGs proven 22LR conversion action, only in this dedicated 22LR firearm, the barrel actually extends into the upper receiver so the bolt can get a better seal than is possible with their conversion kits.  This results in an action that reliably cycled everything from CCI Suppressor on the soft side all the way to CCI Mini Mag on the hot side and everything in between.  In fact, after more than 20 full mag dumps over the full variety of ammunition, I only experience one failure to fire, and that never happened again after I re-lubed the bolt.

The Fastback receiver extension has five positions, ramped at the front of each hole and threaded for a stopscrew.

The lower will work with any standard AR15 upper receiver- there is nothing unique to make it work with the rimfire upper.  This is especially convenient because you’ll be paying to register the lower as an SBR, and you’ll be able to get a lot of use out if it with other SBR uppers.

Likewise, the rimfire upper will work on any standard AR15 lower.  In fact, both complete lowers and complete uppers are available directly from CMMG for those not wanting a complete firearm.

SilencerShop supplied this loaner with the DefCan DT-22 silencer.

The Banshee 22 comes standard with the KAK Slim Flash Can blast diverter, though SilencerShop supplied their loaner for review with CMMG’s new DefCan DT-22 silencer in its place.  At 5” long and 1” in diameter, the DT-22 is rated for up to 22 magnum as well as 17HMR and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.  In testing on the Banshee 22, it suppressed even the CCI Mini Mag to levels very comfortable to my ears without the need for hearing protection.

All Banshees are spec’d for ambidextrous use, including an ambi safety selector, ambi sling plate, and CMMG’s new ambi charging handle.  Factory SBR variants come with a Magpul MVG foregrip on the front and the new RipStock on a proprietary receiver extension CMMG calls the Fastback.  Collapsed the Banshee 22 is only 20″ long and an extremely lightweight 4.6 pounds empty.  One quick tug of the RipStock extends the length of pull to any of five positions preset using a setscrew threaded into the hole corresponding to your length of choice.

SilencerShop is the exclusive distributor of the DefCan silencer line as well as a distributor of the entire line of Banshee factory SBRs.  Pistol variants as well as standalone upper and lower receivers are available directly from CMMG.