Shannon Watts Wants Rimfire Bolt Guns Restricted

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This is an actual tweet from Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, a Bloomberg-funded gun control organization.  Yes, she is upset that you can buy a bolt action 22LR at 18 years old.

The firearm pictured is the Ruger Precision Rimfire, a bolt action 22LR with an adjustable length of pull, adjustable comb, and an MLOK handguard. These features allow the rifle to fit adults and many kids alike without having to buy multiple rifles so a family can shoot together.  Maybe it’s the Ruger 10/22 magazine that it uses upsetting Watts so much.  Only she knows, because she has remained quiet on why specifically she thinks only people 21 years old and older should be able to buy it.

Ruger Precision Rimfire, a 22LR bolt-action rifle.

Tweets like this detract from the “reasonable gun safety” mantra.  There is nothing reasonable about getting upset by cosmetic features of a firearm.  So, when gun control proponents claim that gun rights proponents are not being reasonable, share this tweet with them.  It will make the point either way- if they agree with the tweet, they’re part of the problem.  If they disagree with the tweet, they get why gun rights advocates think that gun control is unreasonable.


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