YouTube Deleting All Bump Fire Stock Videos, Awarding Strikes to Publishers

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YouTube has begun deleting all bump fire stock videos from the platform with no notice given to publishers.  Some are also receiving a Community Guideline strike.  This process seems to be a manual one as many bump fire stock videos remain on YouTube, though the number is steadily shrinking.  So far, the Military Arms Channel, 22Plinkster, and BigShooterist each report deleted videos and strikes on their channels.

Firearms content creators wonder where the line on acceptable content will be redrawn, and under what rules existing and future videos about guns and other “dangerous products” will exist.  Bump fire stocks were and remain legal and are no different in general terms than many accessories reviewed and featured on every gun channel on YouTube.

Adding to the confusion is YouTube’s characteristic silence on what they’re doing.  Multi-channel networks, some of which were bought for as much as $66 million, are also in the dark with no news from their YouTube contacts on what to do now or what to do in the future to avoid strikes.  So far, the best advice has been for channel owners to delete bump fire videos before YouTube gets to them, and that seems to be sparing those that have acted accordingly so far.

Community Guideline strikes can result in termination of a channel.  At this time, affected channels are only receiving a single strike even though multiple videos might be deleted.  This first strike is mainly a warning that times out in three months.  A second strike results in a freeze on new uploads for two weeks, plus a new three month expiration.  A third strike within a three month period results in termination.

YouTube does have a process to appeal these strikes.  However, in some cases an appeal results in additional strikes or even account termination as a channel’s content attracts additional scrutiny.