Several Gun Channels Receive Second Strikes, At Risk for Termination

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

Sootch00, James Yeager, and Bigshooterist YouTube channels have each received a second strike for Community Guidelines violations.  This prevents these channels from uploaded new videos for two weeks.  A third strike within a three-month window will result in termination of the channel outright.

In each case, the second striketwo s was for a video several years old, which is a theme common to the even larger number of channels that received a first strike.  Most troubling was that Bigshooterist received a strike for a video marked Private, which means that the strikes are coming from YouTube’s own efforts rather than a concerted effort by gun control groups to target videos for takedown.

YouTube continues to be extremely vague in response to all inquiries regarding what is and isn’t acceptable under their updated Community Guidelines.  With videos on “dangerous products” now basically banned, gun content creators are left wondering what makes a folding stock a “dangerous product” and a firearm not (one of Sootch00’s strikes was for a video on the LAW folding stock adapter).

In the past two days, TWANGnBANG has seen all videos that include his daughter newly flagged as inappropriate for advertising.  One video is of the first time his daughter shot a bolt action 22LR.  The other is a video featuring Henry lever action rimfires.

YouTube has cautioned that videos with minors using a “dangerous product” are potentially against their new standards.  Again, no one at YouTube will commit to what that actually means.  Given the capricious nature of the flagging and strikes on otherwise innocuous gun content, channels in the firearms world are left with no way to ensure their future videos will avoid strikes and no way to know which existing videos to delete.

Supporters of these channels should be sure to follow their favorites on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  That’s the only way to stay connected with these content creators should their channels disappear.  The easiest way to do that is to go to the about page of each channel.  Links should be found for other social media platforms and websites there.