Bumpfire Stocks Banned at NRA’s Firing Range

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Politico reports that the range at NRA headquarters bans the use of bump fire stocks and similar systems due to safety concerns.  Though the organization would not respond to a request for comment, Politico states that the range policy has been independently verified.

In the same report, Paul Valone of the gun rights organization Grass Roots North Carolina seemed to take a similar stance against the devices. “Because it’s notoriously inaccurate, it’s really not a threat to anybody except in one and only one circumstance, and that’s when you’re on the thirty-second floor of a building shooting into a mass of people,” Politico quotes Valone, the organization’s president.

These policies and statements will be tough to reconcile with any position taken against Sen. Feinstein’s “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act.”  More on that bill can be read here: Feinstein Introduces “Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act”

To read the full article from Politico, visit: NRA bans bump stocks at its own firing range