ATF Association Tells Congress to Change Law or Leave ATF Alone

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The ATF Association is an independent association of BATFE employees, both current and past.  Last week, they sent an open letter to Congress reminding them that the ATF ruled appropriately when finding no law empowering them to regulate bump fire stocks, which they call “bump slides.”  The association takes offense at how the ATF has been used as a scapegoat by politicians upset that bump fire stocks are completely unregulated.

The letter is addressed specifically to Rep. Carlos Curbelo, the main sponsor of a House bill to ban bump fire stocks. However, the ATFA also posted the letter on its website and shared it with other members of Congress and the media.

The ATFA details prior ATF rulings on bump fire stocks, including the following:
“The bump slide, and several other similar after-market accessories that increase the rate at which a shooter can pull the trigger, are engineered to avoid regulation under Federal law.  These accessories DO NOT cause the firearm to shoot more than one shot by a single function of a trigger pull.  The notion that ATF chose not to regulate an item it had the authority to regulate is false.  The law is very clear, and it does not currently allow ATF to regulate such accessories.

The letter goes on to suggest actions Congress should take to ensure bump fire stocks and similar devices could be regulated.  The ATFA proposes that Congress add a new category to the National Firearms Act of 1934 for “multi-burst trigger activators,” a term already used in regulations found in California and New York for the devices.

The letter concludes:
“We hope you will support legislation to regulate these multi-burst trigger activators.  As noted, the National Firearms Act of 1934 works well with the items that it regulates.  We also hope you will not allow the honorable employees of ATF, who followed existing law in their bump stock ruling, to be falsely accused of not doing their job by those who seek to exploit the situation for political gain.”

The letter can be found on the ATFA website, along with a series of talking points regarding ATF rulings on bump fire stocks here: ATF Association