The Maxim 50 is Now the Maxim 47?

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

It was bound to happen. California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have each served SilencerCo with legal challenges to their new Maxim 50 integrally suppressed muzzleloader.  These party pooper states are upset that their existing laws don’t actually ban something that makes gun people happy, even though it takes forever to load and is still very loud and smoky despite the welded-on silencer.

SilencerCo released a statement informing customers that orders received from those three states will be placed on hold pending further legal action.  Customers requesting refunds will receive them.

Though the BATFE issued a determination letter stating that the Maxim 50 is indeed an unregulated device as far as federal laws go, it turns out that SilencerCo decided that it was better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission from the states.  They believed that if they asked each state individually for a letter of determination, the aforementioned “safe space” states would likely have actually written and passed new laws banning suppressed primitive arms.  The anticipated results show these states are not interested in gun safety.  They care only about disarming the public.

This is the disruption we need right now, as the absurdity of outlawing a muzzleloader of any kind will not be lost on political moderates.  Such action will hopefully spur further action on the SHARE act, which will take silencers off the NFA and make them much more available to most of us…

…as long as we don’t live in California, New Jersey, or Massachusetts.