Online Auction for Wounded Special Forces Soldiers

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On September 23rd, 2017, the Green Beret Foundation will hold a 3-gun match benefiting wounded Special Forces warriors and Gold Star families.  The Warrior/Patriot 3-Gun Match pairs a patriot who has donated at least $500 with a Special Forces soldier (aka, “Green Beret”) for six stages including pistol, carbine, precision rifle, shotgun, and submachine gun disciplines.  Two of the rifles used in the event are available for auction, with 100% of the winning bid going to the Green Beret Foundation.  A military tribute rifle is also available for auction, to be shipped brand new straight from Henry Repeating Arms.


Bravo Company RECCE-14 Used by Special Forces Soldiers and Patriots (2 Carbines Available for Bid)
The Warrior/Patriot 3-Gun Match provides the weapons at each stage that all competitors must use, and Bravo Company Manufacturing donated two RECCE-14 complete rifles (MSRP $1720) for use in the carbine stage of the match.  Full specs can be found at Bravo Company USA.

Though these rifles will start the day new out of the box, both Special Forces and patriot competitors will be using them during the competition.  This means that they will have signs of use that come from being in the hands of 30 elite Special Operations soldiers and the patriots that support them.  Though we cannot anticipate their ultimate cosmetic condition, both rifles will be 100% functional and backed by Bravo Company’s warranty.  Auction winners will also get photos of the rifles in use by the Special Forces competitors.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to own a firearm actually fired by some of our most elite warriors while supporting their wounded and their families at the same time.  100% of your payment will go to the Green Beret Foundation.

Both rifles start the day exactly the same and will be randomly assigned to the auction winners, so be sure to bid for the one with the lowest current bid between the two listings.
To bid on RECCE-14 1:
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Henry Rifles Military Service Tribute 2nd Edition Golden Boy
This is a rare and unique tribute edition Henry Golden Boy 22LR with an MSRP of $1154.95 auctioned to support wounded Special Forces and Navy SEALs warriors and Gold Star Families. Full specs can be found at Henry Rifles. The factory new rifle will come straight from Henry Rifles, sent directly to your FFL. 100% of your payment will go to the Green Beret Foundation and One Team One Fight charities.

The highly polished nickel receiver cover has intricate scrollwork and the majestic American bald eagle surrounding a shield bearing the words IN RECOGNITION OF MILITARY SERVICE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY on the right side, and on the left side the Statue Of Liberty as the face of America’s democracy, opportunity, and hope next to the famed Liberty Bell that rang for a nation that, with the help of our military, will remain forever free. All images, and the laurel leaf borders that surround them, are selectively plated with 24K gold. The recognition SALUTING OUR MILITARY HEROES is cut into the surface on both sides between the front and rear panels; the full-color Stars and Stripes are laser-etched and hand painted along with the words GOD BLESS AMERICA on the stock’s right side.

To bid on the Military Service Tribute: