House May Vote on the SHARE Act Next Week

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According to, the Sportmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enchancement Act, or the SHARE Act, may end up on the floor of the US House of Representatives next week.  The Act most recently breezed through the Natural Resources Committee, with the Judiciary Committee allowing it to go straight to the House floor.

Politico reports that Jim Pasco, head of the Fraternal Order of Police, states that the nation’s largest police union holds no opposition to the SHARE Act, including its provisions on silencers. “With respect to the silencer provision, we have taken a position that we do not object… The reasoning is because silencers are not, and have not been in the recent past, a law enforcement problem.”

The SHARE Act includes many other provisions advancing the Second Amendment, including:
– creating better legal protections for people traveling across state lines with guns and/or ammunition
– eliminating the ATF’s authority to classify rifle ammunition as “armor piercing”
– eliminating the “sporting use” test used to determine importability of firearms

The SHARE Act is expected to pass the House vote, but it is also expected to meet resistance in the Senate, where at least eight Democrat senators must vote along with all Republican senators for its passage.  More information about the SHARE Act can be found here: SHARE Act Moving Forward