G46 Leaked Photos Show GLOCK Actually Can Innovate

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

The release of the Gen 5 G17 and G19 here in the US has a lot of people scratching their heads (including diehard GLOCK fans), wondering when GLOCK is going to bring a truly new pistol to market.  Well, we now have proof that their engineers at least know what innovations can be done to a pistol while still being very much a GLOCK.

How does a rotating barrel sound for starters? The G46 has that.  Field stripping without first pulling the trigger?  The G46 reportedly has that, too.  It even appears that the G46 frame is beveled to match the bevel on the front of the slide, something that GLOCK somehow felt was unimportant on the Gen 5s.

The G46 is roughly the size of a G19 and shares other features with the Gen 5 designs, such as a lack of finger grooves, ambi slide stop, and a chisel-shaped striker safety presumably to give the same trigger feel as the Gen 5 GLOCKs.  It’s 11% lighter, however, and it also lacks the cutout on the front of the magwell found on the Gen 5s.  The G46’s frame also has an integral beavertail, so shooters who don’t want to add thickness to the basic grip won’t have to put on a backstrap to avoid slide pinch.

While the G46 is being tested by German police forces, many will be wondering if GLOCK will ever bring the pistol to the US.  GLOCK is not known for being especially responsive to customer requests, but many are hopeful we see the G46 here soon after it makes an official appearance on the streets of Germany.