Short Range Rifle Target- Gen II

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How Much and Where to Buy: $299.97 from (use code “TWANGNBANG” to save 10%)

+ AR550 steel target is tougher than AR500 used for most steel targets
+ Allows training with standard carbine calibers as close as 25 yards
+ Much improved visual feedback for hits versus the first generation SRRT
+ Pivot is limited to prevent rounds from skipping over the target
+ Full auto rated
–  Audible feedback is still muted


The SRRT kit comes with target, bracket, spall guard, and H-stand. You must supply your own 2×4.

I’ve been shooting the first generation SRRT from for nearly two years with great success.  The AR500 plates have held up to thousands of 556, and a spattering of 300 BLK and 7.62×39.  However, I’ve had the same wish as many- the target didn’t provide much feedback of a hit other than a puff of lead dust and a little wobble to the target.

Enter the second generation SRRT.  The target has been upgraded to AR550 steel, mounting to the bracket via a pivot joint. Now, hits will cause the target face to rock up and down, providing conspicuous indication of hits and misses even under rapid fire.


The biggest improvement over the first gen SRRT is the pivoting mount.

Though the visual feedback is excellent, the audible feedback is still lacking.  Evan found that allowing a rifle plate to vibrate as much as a pistol plate makes the plate too vulnerable to damage from high velocity rounds.  This is a compromise for being able to shoot steel at a close range, though the movement makes this much less of an issue.

Hits from 556 and 308 FMJ at 25 yards made only an occasional small indention on the surface of the target, but the damage is much less than I experienced with the AR500 plates of the first generation target. If the target face gets enough damage to be of concern, it is reversible, giving you 2x the target life of fully welded targets.

The SRRT comes with everything you need to get shooting except for a 2×4, which you will have to drill to install the spall guard.  You will need a wrench to assemble the target, as well.

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