RFID Luggage Tags Allow Delta Passengers to Track Their Firearms

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imageDelta Airlines has become the first airline to use RFID chips in all of their tags for checked baggage, and while this will benefit every flier, it will give special peace of mind to travelers who have checked firearms.  An app allows passengers to not only track where their bags have been last scanned, but it also pushes alerts set up by the user in real time.

Such tech will keep passengers better informed about where their luggage is while reducing scanning errors that are the most common source of misrouted bags.  Plus, it adds yet another form of accountability to airport baggage handlers.  When customers can see where their bags were last scanned, their complaints add scrutiny to problem areas in the baggage handling process.  This means both technical and criminal issues will be more rapidly identified and handled.

Other airlines are testing similar tech, but right now, Delta would be the choice for the traveler nervous of getting their firearms to their destinations.

Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/delta-introduces-chip-tags-tracking-app-so-you-know-exactly-n635976