“No Easy Day” Author Agrees to Turn Over All Profits to DOD

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imageThere’s a joke in the Special Forces community that asks, “How do you know you’re talking to a SEAL?  If you are, they would’ve already told you.”  It’s of course a good natured jab at their Navy friends, but I first heard it during a conversation about Mark Bissonnette publishing his account of the Bin Laden raid.

“No Easy Day” caused a lot of face palms throughout Special Operations in every branch.  Even as a civilian, I felt the book was so out of line that I bought a hardcover edition instead of downloading it for Kindle because Amazon has been forced to remove books from Kindle devices in the past.

Looks like that might have been a prudent decision.  The Department of Defense has finally reached a settlement with Bissonnette that requires him to turn over every cent he made from the book and related paid presentations.  He must also make a formal apology for violating non-disclosure agreements he signed as a SEAL, for publishing the book and presentation slides without following the required approval process, and for sharing classified information.

Bissonnette did publish a follow-up book about his experience becoming a member of SEAL Team 6, though he followed approval protocol for that.  Looks like he’ll be needing that cash flow as he only has four years to pay the $6.6 million he earned from “No Easy Day.”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/08/20/ex-navy-seal-to-pay-feds-6-6-million-to-settle-suit-over-book-on-bin-laden-raid.html