Kyle Lamb Teaches Proper Pistol Reload after “Click”

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In case you are living under a rock and didn’t know, Kyle Lamb is a retired SGM, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), popularly known as Delta Force.  Ever see Blackhawk Down?  He was one of the Delta guys who flew in and dropped into the battle of the Mogadishu Mile, in addition to lots of other stuff not publicly shared.  In short, he has experience that very few instructors have putting what he teaches to the test in combat.

He just published a great video on the proper way to reload a pistol after getting a click but no bang.  I never thought of doing what he shows, but he explains it and made me a believer.

I also noticed that, like what I’ve been taught but get endlessly criticized in comments sections for doing, he uses the slide lock to chamber the round during a reload.  I hear all kinds of reasons why that is not something that should ever be done, but every instructor I’ve had who has actually had to reload while being shot at seems to disagree.  I’ve never taken any instruction from Mr. Lamb, but I accept his authority on this and what he’s teaching in this video without question.