Deals for Wednesday, August 3rd

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Deals for Wednesday, August 3rd, include the Elzetta M60 2-cell with crenelated bezel on sale for only $134, Wolf match 22LR ammo for only $7.99 per box of 50 rounds, and Silencerco suppressor sights for 1911s for mega blowout at only $49.95.

Elzetta M60 2-Cell with Crenelated Bezel and Clicky Endcap on Sale for Only $134 (orig. $180)
This is small enough for everyday carry but big enough to be a true self-defense tool.  The M60 lighthead puts out 235 lumens for a very long time and is nearly as indestructible as the machined aluminum body.  I ran mine over with a truck and smashed up a watermelon with no ill effects.  Only 9 were available at this price as I post this.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 6.16.08 PMWolf Match 22LR 40gr RN on Sale for Only $7.99/50rds (orig. $10.99)
Wolf might be known for making cheap centerfire ammo, but their match rimfire ammo is unbelievable.  Natchez Shooters Supply just got a shipment in and has it on sale for nearly 30% off.


Silencerco Suppressor Height Sights for 1911 On Clearance for only $49.95 (orig. $110)
Silencerco is blowing out their remaining inventory of suppressor height sights for 1911 pistols with true Novak cuts.  Snag free design made of pre-hardened steel.  Trijicon tritium vials with big dot front sight.