Deals for Thursday, August 4th

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Deals for Thursday, August 4th, include a doggie boo boo it for 25% off, a Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty for 40% off, and the venerable MSR WhisperLite universal for 20% off with free shipping.

dogFAKAdventure Medical Kits Trail Dog Medical Kit 25% Off for Only $18.74
This is a boo boo kit for your dog when you’re out hunting or hiking.  Includes treatments for cuts, eye wounds, splinters, ticks, and poisoning.  Lifetime warranty on contents.


Morakniv Companion Heavy-Duty Fixed-Blade Knife 40% Off for Only $14.95
Morakniv makes some of the most valued camp and bush knives out there.  These little blades can process wood as easily as they can process meat and veggies.  Everybody should have at least one Morakniv in their kit.
Sierra Trading Post:


MSR WhisperLite Universal Portable Stove 20% Off for Only $111.98 with Free Shipping
This has been the top trekking stove for decades due to its ability to burn canister fuel, white gas, kerosene/jet fuel, and unleaded gasoline.  I’ve used mine for 21 years, and it’s still going strong.
Brooklyn Camp Supply: