Charlotte Police to Get Steel Plate Armor and Helmets for Rifle Protection

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Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.47.54 AMThe Charlotte Observer reports that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police will be getting $600,380 of armor upgrades for better protection against rifles.  680 Level III vests and 1,315 Level III helmets will be purchased in the next year.  Vests will ride in patrol cars, which is why the steel Level III plates make a good choice.  The ceramic typically used in Level IV plates does not handle bouncing around in a trunk nearly as well.

Currently, this department issues Level II vests, which are rated up to common semi-auto handgun ballistics and are iffy when it comes to shotgun rounds.  The Level III armor will stop slugs, buckshot, 556, and 7.62×39 and are rated for multiple hits.

A CMPD official assured concerned council members that these vests are needed to protect officers from snipers and would only be used to confront a possible active shooter situation versus becoming a regular part of their uniforms.

The contract was signed with Galls, Inc.