Campus Carry Now Legal in Texas

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The University of Texas main building tower. (Wikipedia Commons)

Campus carry is now legal in Texas for permit holders 21 years and older.  The new law allows concealed carry of pistols in classrooms, buildings, and public spaces of all public colleges in the state.  Private colleges are permitted to set their own rules under the law, and it is expected that some will ban carry while others will not.

If you listen to anti-gun rhetoric about this historic law, you’d think that drunk students will be having shootouts in class or threatening professors when unsatisfied with their grades.  Reality will show that these fears are no more warranted than the fears promoted anytime carry laws are expanded in any state across the country.  Campus carry is already legal in seven states, and if anyone abused any of those laws in such ways, we’d know about it.

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated, gunmen bent on harm can already bring firearms on campus. This law simply means that adults who have taken training and passed the background check required for a concealed carry license can now act as a deterrent to that.

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