X Products ROC Stock Now Available for Special Intro Pricing

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X Products now has their Rapid Operation Carbine Stock available for $289.95, a $60 savings from MSRP, for the next three days only.  The ROC Stock uses a special buffer system compatible with 556, 300 BLK, and 9mm uppers without requiring a proprietary bolt carrier or any other changes to the upper receiver.

The X Products R.O.C. (Rapid Operation Carbine) Stock is the most adapted PDW stock design available in the smallest package. Ergonomic, easy to use and designed for a low profile, compact platform. The X Products ROC Stock set will fit on any Mil-Spec AR-15/M4 & HKMR556, HK 416 lower receiver. Tested and designed to be used with nearly ALL commercial and LE/Mil ammunition types. Easy to install and durable. Its 5 adjustment points give the shooter maximum versatility. To top it off, the R.O.C. Stock does NOT require a proprietary bolt carrier or special components. Use a true drop on PDW stock set solution for your HK 416C or AR/M4 PDW project. Made 100% in the USA.

Includes stock and assembly pieces, DOES NOT INCLUDE RIFLE

For more information or to order, visit https://xproducts.com/x-products-roc-rapid-operation-carbine-stock.