World’s Most Powerful Production Air Rifle! AirForce Texan

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For more information on the AirForce Texan:

The Texan gets its name not just from its massive 34” barrel or its crushing 500 ft lbs of available kinetic energy, but it’s also made in the AirForce Airguns factory in Fort Worth, Texas.

At 8 pounds of primarily aluminum and steel construction, the Texan not only has centerfire rifle ballistics, but it also has a centerfire rifle feel. The machining and finish match that found on high end ARs costing double the Texan’s $1,055 MSRP.

The Texan’s 45 caliber barrel is made by Lothar Walther. 308 and 357 caliber variants were just introduced at SHOT Show 2016, giving shooters greater velocities and flatter trajectories for hunting predators and smaller game.

To watch the AirForce Texan destroy a concrete block: