US Marine Spent 4 Years on “No Fly” List

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“I’m no James Bond. I have a wife and four kids. Why would I go undercover as a bargaining deal to be taken off the list when I hadn’t done anything wrong in the first place? I thought that in a few months the government would realize they’d made a mistake about me.”
-Abe Marshall

US Marine Abe Marshall was swarmed by 30 federal agents at Midway airport after attempting to check in for a flight to a dog training client. Months later, the FBI attempted to coerce him into being an informant in exchange for removing him from the “no fly” list.  He declined in order to protect his family, then contacted the ACLU.  He lost tens of thousands of dollars of income and four years of his career until a judge ruled in his favor, forcing the Feds to take him off the list.

Secret government watch lists that place limits on our rights with no due process are examples of tyranny by a thousand cuts.  Most people can’t imagine any reason they’d be on the list, so they don’t object.  They tell us it’s for our safety, then place nearly one million people on the list- a number that defies common sense.  If nearly one million people were actually a threat to us, wouldn’t that already be obvious?

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