US Armed Forces Flip for Pokemon Go

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The Marine Corps Times reports that Pokemon Go isn’t just for kids.  Members of all of the US armed services are chasing animated critters in augmented reality on base and off.  Largely permitted, this gameplay while in uniform is resulting in emails, notices, and posters going up on bases everywhere warning service members to keep from injuring or killing themselves or entering restricted areas while playing the game.

It has even found itself deployed and in combat, with a Marine veteran fighting ISIS in Northern Iraq with a militia claiming he captured his first Pokemon in Mosul.

There’s no denying this game is something the world has never seen before.  I’ve played it with my daughter for hours already, and it’s very fun and quite addictive.  That said, I am interested to see how the security needs of our armed forces are met while allowing as much gameplay as is apparently happening in uniform already.

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