Terrorist Plows Truck Through Bastille Day Crowd, Killing 70+

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Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.10.26 PMA terrorist plowed a large truck, reportedly loaded with grenades and firearms, into a crowd estimated to be over 100,000 people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France.  Video clearly shows a truck purposely accelerating as it got closer to the crowd, then swerving back and forth through the people.  The attack stretched an estimated 2km of road before the driver stopped the truck, then dismounted to fire into the crowd before being killed by police.  Reports also say he was firing a pistol out the window as he was driving.

This is already turning out to be one of the most documented terrorist attacks in history.  Many in the crowd were already videoing the festivities and turned their cameras to capture the attack.  Others recorded the horrific aftermath, showing both the dead and horribly injured surrounded by friends and family still not sure what happened or how to get help.

Several threads are active on Reddit with eyewitness reports all corroborating what has been reported in the mainstream media so far: the driver was deliberately hitting as many people as possible and was firing into the crowd when finally killed by police.  Noticeably lacking from the Reddit threads are any eyewitnesses corroborating early reports of other attacks involving gunmen or hostage situations.

“I was there. Right there. After the fireworks, we just moved to eat some ice cream and we heard a big crash. Someone screamed GUN. people ran in panic. We hid in a open building. Waited 15 min, police friend called to say GO BACK HOME, there is a suspected attack. Just reached home. TV says 60 people dead.

Ohh God I was just right there.”
paulamaippo, redditor

Read more from The Guardian’s rapidly updating report: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2016/jul/14/nice-bastille-day-france-attack-promenade-des-anglais-vehicle