News Corp. Still Gets Gun Facts Wrong

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

In 2014,, a subsidiary of News Corp., published an error-filled slideshow titled “10 Things the Gun Industry Won’t Tell You.”  Two days ago, they republished it with supposed updates.  Well, these updates don’t seem to have gotten the facts any better this time around.  With a list like this, reporter Catey Hill resorts to half-truths and cherry picking to write her anti-gun hit piece.

1. “Owning our product may be hazardous to your health.”
2. “Fear is good for our bottom line.”
3. “Guns get special treatment under the law.”
4. “We want your kids to play with guns.”
5. “Gun control may work. We still think it’s a bad idea.”
6. “Politically, we’re practically unbeatable.”
7. “Under ‘Gun Ban Obama,’ we’re doing just fine.”
8. “Sometimes we aren’t ‘pro-gun’ enough.”
9. “We sell guns to people you might not want us to.”
10. “Ammo is our secret (business) weapon.”

To read the article for yourself, head to  The comments section is just as bad as the story, as if that would come as a surprise.