New Device to Allow Mobile Calling without Cell Service

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The Beartooth is a Bluetooth device paired with an app that turns your smartphone into a walkie talkie, enabling you to communicate with any other Beartooth user up to 5 miles away for voice or 10 miles away for text and location sharing.  The device can also act as a repeater allowing ranges extending beyond those values when more than one Beartooth device are in range.

Topograhic maps are included as part of the app to ensure you can navigate when data service is offline.  The Beartooth can also be used as a device charger with enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6 Plus 1.75 times.

If this device works as advertised, it will be an incredible tool for backcountry use and for use during cellular outages that often accompany severe natural disasters or even when the network gets overloaded by emergency calls.

Currently only available for preorder for $149 for a pair (50% off expected MSRP), Beartooth is expected to ship in December 2016.  More information can be found at