Mountain House Raises Taste Guarantee to 30 Years Retroactively

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

imageMountain House continually stores food straight out of production for testing going back 30 years.  They recently cracked open their oldest food packs and had independent tasters rate them for taste.  Though differences from newly produced equivalents were noted, all products sampled rated high for taste.

“As part of OFD Foods ongoing quality programs, a multi-disciplinary team of experts tested numerous Mountain House recipes in both pouches and #10 cans. All items were at least 30 years old and had been stored in ambient temperatures in various warehouses over the years. Although differences in flavor and texture were evident – as were personal preferences – the tested recipes scored above average on a food-industry standard hedonic scale.”

Though Mountain House has always stated that the edible shelf life of their products is so long as to be unknowable, now they know that what you buy today should still be something you’d find palatable at least thirty years from now.

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