Maryland Joins the List of States Regulating the Airbow as an Air Gun

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Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service has proposed changes to the classification and use of air guns to legalize the use of arrow-launching air guns for hunting game.  This is a good thing, as it means that any season during which an air rifle is legal for hunting, so will be the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.  It’s hard to make any case against this as it is indeed an air gun, and even though 450fps is blistering for an arrow, it’s actually quite slow by the velocity standards of most air rifles made for hunting.

In Maryland, the proposed changes include defining “air gun” to mean “any gun that propels a projectile by means of non-ignited compressed air or other gas;” allowing air guns to be used in conventional and muzzleloading firearms seasons for deer and bear; and allowing the Airbow to be used to hunt turkeys, upland game, and furbearers not limited to trapping-only.

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