Liberty Suppressors Centurion Compact 9mm Silencer

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How Much and Where to Buy: $835 MSRP from Liberty Suppressors

+ Compact and light
+ Compatible with all Mystic and Infiniti mounts and pistons
+ Can be shot wet
–  Louder than full sized can
–  Limited to pistol caliber pressures only (e.g., 300 BLK subsonic)

Liberty Centurion1David Saylors started Liberty Suppressors by request from his friends in the precision shooting community.  He was already making square bore silencers for his own precision rifles, and enough shooters wanted him to make them their own cans that he went into business.

This defines a lot of the product development at Liberty Suppressors, including the new Centurion compact 9mm can.  The idea came from customers who loved their Mystics and Infinitis, but wanted something shorter for their home defense gun.  After resisting the idea at first, David was finally convinced to make a compact version of the Mystic.

The Centurion shares much of its construction with the Mystic X, including materials, baffle design, and mounts.  However, because it is almost 3” shorter, the Centurion is not capable of handling the same pressure as the Mystic X.  This can was optimized for 9mm hosts, and you will be limited to shooting calibers that have no more muzzle pressure than 9mm that are of course sub-caliber.

Though I did not have a meter with me for the video, Liberty Suppressors did supply meter numbers for a few common combinations.  These seem consistent with what I heard in comparison to the Mystic X.

Centurion Monocore

Mystic X monocore (above) compared to that of the Centurion (below).

Glock G17 with Fiocchi 147gr Subsonic
138dB, 134.9dB, 135.8dB, 134.7dB, 134.2dB
Average: 135.5dB

Ruger 22/45 with CCI Standard Velocity
123dB, 129.5dB, 123.7dB, 122.5dB, 123.2dB
Average: 124.4dB

Ruger 15/22 with CCI Standard Velocity
115dB, 116.1dB, 115.8dB, 117dB, 119.6dB
Average: 116.7dB

Ruger 300BLK with Summit 220gr SMK Subsonic
140dB, 137.2dB, 133dB, 138.1dB, 136.5dB
Average: 137dB