Footage Suggests At Least One Dallas Shooter Had Training [GRAPHIC]

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

I awoke this morning horrified to learn of the assassination of five law enforcement officers who were protecting an anti-police violence rally in Dallas. Like many of you, tragedies like this leave me searching for answers, and in doing so, I came across what was a live news stream that captured the death of one of the officers. I struggled with the idea of posting this, but clips like this are the ones that seem to quickly disappear even though they provide important evidence of what happened.

A live feed captured the point blank shooting of an officer who engaged one of the shooters in Dallas early this morning. This horrific act starts with the bad guy, seen in brown and khaki, making some shots from behind some pillars, then reloading. An officer then approaches from the right, shooting but not clearly hitting the bad guy.

The most telling decision on the shooter’s part begins 45 seconds into the video. He rushes at the pillar where the officer is taking cover, shooting repeatedly at one side of the pillar, then quickly changing direction to catch the officer from behind. The shooter rapidly “slices the pie” and shoots the officer in the back several times. He then shoots him several more times over the course of several seconds, including a coup de grace as the officer appears to be pressing off the sidewalk.

It will be a while before we understand who did this, how many were actually involved, and how much planning went into it. However, watching this video at half speed shows this shooter did not move or make decisions like you’d expect from an amateur. The way he maintained a sightline and shot while moving, the fact that he moved towards the officer shooting at him, his handling of the rifle, and what appears to be a conscious feign to flank the officer all look like something you’d have to get experience to do. Regardless of what this guy’s training was, when it’s used against law enforcement this way, this is what evil looks like.