Deals for Monday, July 25th

In Current Deals by TWANGnBANG

Deals for Monday, July 25th, include the LuminAID Renegade on sale for only $24.99, the Brownells B-TAC BCG on sale for only $84.99, and the Rinehart 18-in-1 archery target on sale for only $99, plus an additional $10 off with a rebate.

Renegade Camo LuminAID Solar Lantern on sale for $24.99

This solar powered inflatable lantern will run for 30 hours on low from a single charge and even as an SOS blink pattern.  The camo is on the outside when folded, and all colorful logos have been muted to reduce visibility when exposed for charging.


Brownells B-TAC M16 Bolt Carrier Group on sale for $84.99image
Bolt is 9310 steel and is HPT and MPI.  Bolt carrier is 8620 steel.  Gas key is staked. Black nitride finish.


Rinehart 18-in-1 Archery Target on Sale for $99 with $5 Shipping, Minus an Additional $10 Rebateimage
This is one of the best archery targets out there, and it just hit Cabela’s bargain cave.  It’s tough enough to stop arrows from the fastest bows on the market, including when using field points or broadheads.  You see it in my videos all the time.  Be sure to download the rebate form at the link to get an additional $10 off.  Use code “76SHIP” to get $5 shipping.