Deals for Monday, July 18th

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Deals for Monday, July 18th, include 5,000 survival heirloom seeds in a waterproof pouch for 50% off, Rite in the Rain bound field book 60% off, and the Redneck Plunger on clearance for only $11.99.

Survival Heirloom Seed Bag with 5,000 Seeds 50% off for Only $19.99
Here’s another fantastic deal on emergency crop seeds, and it’s 50% off at $19.99. The Bugout Seed Bad has 25 varieties of easy-to-grow heirloom seeds in a waterproof mylar pouch guaranteed for 5+ years of storage. Over 5,000 vegetable seeds will produce 3,000 pounds of food in the first year.  They are non-hybrid and non-GMO, which is very important for SHTF as neither of those will generate usable seeds from your crops. In fact, you always want true heirloom seeds because those are the varieties developed during times when farms didn’t have access to modern herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers and will have the highest ongoing yields in SHTF.


Rite in the Rain Bound Field Book 60% off for Only $7.50
I used these underwater with a pencil in my cave diving days, so when they say you can write in the rain, they mean it.  This is not only good for note taking during rain, but also for ensuring notes that you need to read during rain won’t run.
Sierra Trading Post:


redneckplunger“If It’s Brown, It’s Down” Redneck Plunger on Clearance for Only $11.99
I’ve actually made a Facebook video about this a while back, and though I’d never use it as a real plunger, it’s sure fun to have sitting next to the can.  It takes two AA batteries and makes realistic shotgun sounds when the trigger pulled.  Super fun to own or give as a gag gift.