Check Out This Incredible British “AR15”

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Have you ever heard of the Southern Gun Co Lever Release 223? It’s based on an AR15, but it is *not* a semi-automatic. Developed to satisfy laws in England, it runs like a standard direct impingement AR15 except the bolt locks back with every shot. A large lever is placed where the selector is on a standard AR15, and using your thumb to push the lever down drops the bolt, making it ready to fire. The actual selector is on the right side of the receiver and operates just like the right lever on a standard ambi selector.

The company has some videos on YouTube showing them used in competition, and with practice, it’s obvious you can get really, really fast with these.  Gun laws are changing so much in various US states I have no idea where a design like this might help, but as a design nerd, I would love to get my hands on one of these.  9mm and 308 variants are available in addition to the 223 shown in the video below.

They are very pricey even by high end standards in the US, starting at £3917, which is over $5000 even with our incredibly favorable exchange rate. Visit Southern Gun Company for more information: