Bravo Company Enhanced Lower Parts Kit & Pistol Build

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How Much and Where to Buy: $99.95 from Rainier Arms
+ Complete lower parts kit
+ Dimensions, materials, and manufacturing conform to original USGI TDP
+ No MIM parts
+ Includes PNT Trigger Assembly, Mod 3 Gunfighter pistol grip, polymer trigger guard
– Price is almost double budget LPKs

– Not available in OD as BCM does not make any polymer in that color

Bravo-Company-Lower-Parts-Kit2Bravo Company often gets into the business of making AR15 parts or accessories after not being satisfied with what they can already buy to build their complete receivers and rifles.  Their new Enhanced Lower Parts Kit is one of these products.

After having trouble with the quality of the parts kits they could buy to build their lowers and rifles, Bravo Company decided to start making them themselves.  Like for all of their products, BCM deferred to the original Technical Data Package for the AR15 in determining not only the dimensions of the parts but also the materials used and the methods of manufacturing.

The results is an LPK that has no MIM parts.  Though machine injection molding is a proven manufacturing technique in many industries, Bravo Company and many of its customers are suspicious of lower receiver parts made this way.  Instead, all of the Enhanced LPK parts are made of hardened steel and finished according to the TDP.

The one exception is the PNT trigger assembly, which is also available separately.  This trigger starts out as a mil spec trigger but then gets extra love and attention with a polisher to ensure precise size and minimum friction.  The hammer and trigger are then finished in electroless nickel embedded with Teflon, giving it the P(olished) N(ickel) T(eflon) name.

In test firing my assembled lower, I found the PNT trigger to be smooth, crisp, and with a nice reset.  My trigger gauge measured the average pull at just under 6 pounds, but it felt like a much lighter trigger due to the complete lack of grit that is common with new mil spec triggers.

BCM includes a Mod 3 Gunfighter pistol grip and matching Enhanced Trigger Guard in your choice of Black, FDE, Foliage Green, and Wolf Gray.  The BCM Enhanced Lower Parts Kit is currently in stock for $99.95 from Rainier Arms at