Bergara LRP Elite Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

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How Much and Where to Buy: $2,640 MSRP from BergaraUSA
+ Guaranteed sub-MOA accuracy, but expect closer to sub-.75MOA with factory match ammo
+ Comes with MEGA Arms/Killer Innovations Orias, but can fit any Remington 700 chassis
+ Floating bolt head for better accuracy
+ Non-rotating gas shield for better safety
+ 20MOA Picatinny scope base properly mounted from factory
+ Threaded 5/8×24 and comes with Dead Air KeyLock brake
– No extended magwell
– Hard to find for now, though you can order direct for shipping to your FFL

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BergaraLRPEliteCloseupBergaraUSA might not be a name you know, but it won’t be long before you walk into your local gun dealer and have your choice of hunting and precision rifles with the Bergara name on the receiver.  Bergara started in Spain as a barrel manufacturer and came to the US as a builder of custom precision rifles based on their own Premier action.  For as little as $3,900, Bergara will hand build you a precision rifle to your exact specifications, though options can run the price beyond $5,000.

Enter the LRP and LRP Elite, Bergara’s new production precision rifles.  These keep the most important steps that go into their custom rifles while using batch processes for others, allowing them to cut 40% off the price.

The LRP and LRP Elite also keep the Premier receiver, which is the same receiver used in Bergara’s custom rifles.  It will fit in any Remington 700-pattern chassis system, but the internals combine design elements from several different receivers.  Designed by Mark Hendricks at Bergara, the two-lug bolt has a floating bolt head combined with a non-rotating gas shield.  This means the lugs will get full contact with the barrel for better accuracy and strength, and the shooter will be better protected from the effects of popped primers or overcharged ammo.

BergarLRPEliteTriggerThe trigger is the Timney 517, which has a flat face and is adjustable from 1.5-4 pounds.  Bergara sets it to 3 pounds at the factory, which is a good weight for any precision rifle that will be shot on the move. I’m a fan of Timney triggers because they have a very good feel, but they also seem to be more resistant to dust and crud than other precision trigger groups.

I put over 1,000 rounds of match ammo from various manufacturers through this rifle during testing, including using it for three full days of precision rifle competition.  Though I did have some frustrating experiences with metal AI mags, once I switched to the new AICS PMAGs, the LRP Elite ran like a champ.