Ambushes on Police Resulting in Slowed and Reduced Response, Endangers Lives

In News & Opinion by TWANGnBANG

Officer Montrell Jackson with his newborn son before being killed in an ambush.

As the senseless ambushes on law enforcement seem to mount up, departments across the country are making significant changes to rules for response.  Many departments are now doubling up officers, effectively halving the coverage they can provide.  Responses to MWAG (man with a gun) calls are slowed as officers must wait for even more backup than previously used before making contact.

These are common sense changes in how law enforcement is operating under the current threats of ambush.  However, this will not achieve what these politically motivated attacks are hoping for.  Instead, criminals will have more time to commit crimes and violence, and police will naturally respond with greater force instead of lesser force.  This means more people will get hurt or killed both before and after police contact including the innocent, the criminal, and the law enforcement officers themselves.

My own friends in law enforcement are visibly changed by recent events.  Their commitment to their jobs has not wavered, but the hate felt directed towards them as men and women in blue clearly weighs on them like never before.

If there were ever a time to thank an officer for what they do, now is it.  Wave when they drive by, shake their hands when you can, and be grateful for the thin blue line that stands in harm’s way even when not appreciated by others.